About Me

Hi I am Julie Morse. I was born and raised  in South Wales, UK. I am married to Mark Morse and we have 4 grown up children and 5 grandchildren.

We have been the Senior Pastors of King’s Church in Somerset, England UK for 10 years since July 2005.
In January 2015 we felt the Lord was telling us to get ready for a time of transition.
In July 2015, having spent a decade rebuilding the foundations of the church and developing great relationship in the area through Community Outreach and Schools Ministry, we handed over the leadership of the church to a great couple who we believe will take the church forward to greater things.
I have been on an amazing personal journey of discovering my strengths and overcoming my weaknesses in the past 13 years. My passion for people to come to a loving relationship with God and become all God intended them to be has grown exponentially in this time.
I am an encourager and exhorter and love to spend time with people. I have spent many years developing my ministry with Women’s Groups and Conferences, Parents’s and Toddler Groups, Ministry to Schools, Children’s & Youth Clubs, Summer Camps and Community Outreach opportunities as venue’s to bring God’s love to Women, Children, Youth and Young Families.
Mark & I are currently seeking the Lord for our next assignment. We sold our house and furniture in July 2015 and are taking this opportunity to travel, connect with friends and family and visit ministries around the world, as we consider our future and explore further ministry opportunities.
From September to December 2015 we served at Christ For The Nations Bible College, where we trained for the ministry in 2003/04. We helped run the 3rd Year Missions Major for 3 months and prepared CFNI Missions students for Missions Field School with GoToNations in Thailand & Honduras and IRIS Global in Mozambique.
In June 2016 we took an opportunity to volunteer our time at Go To Nations, a missions organization in Jacksonville, Florida, serving the staff and helping facilitate a 3 week Leadership Development Forum for 15 missionary families as we continued to wait on the Lord to see what He wanted for our future. At the end of our time serving Go To Nations, the President of the organization spoke into our lives, telling us that he felt we were at a cross roads in our ministry and although we had seen incredible success in the places we had served on 4 continents, God was now leading us to have a global impact and for that we needed a global platform. He invited us to become full-time missionaries with Go To Nations Leadership Team serving the 881 Missionaries and National Workers that Go To Nations has in 96 nations. We will expand on what this opportunity means when we have chance to update this page further, but for now it is enough to say that we felt his words resinated with what God had placed in our heart.
In this new Season we have taken on the role of Directors of International Relations and our role includes recruiting, training, equipping and sending missionaries to the mission field. We do this by building strategic partnerships with individuals, churches, ministries and bible schools throughout the world to find those with a heart to advance God’s Kingdom and work together to see the Great Commission fulfilled. We also have the opportunity to train native pastors to mobilize their churches to send missionaries from many countries throughout the world.