Ministry to Women

My passion to see women become all that God intended them to be has taken many forms in the past 13 years of my ministry. Below are just a few photographs of conferences and women’s events I have developed as tools to encourage, equip and empower women to grow in freedom and discover their true identity and God given potential.
In 2001 as I sat alongside my husband, Mark, at a Joyce Meyer Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I saw a picture in my mind of myself on a stage. In front of me was a huge crowd of women. I didn’t dare to share this with anyone, such was my self esteem back then, that I couldn’t imagine being on stage, no less, teaching other women how to live their lives!
How far the Lord has brought me since that time!!! God has wasted none of my previous experiences but used every one, the good, the bad and the down right ugly ones to minister His heart to bring restoration, the same restoration I have received, to the women He has brought into my life.
Restore Conference 2010 076It wasn’t however, until 2006 that this Vision became a reality. As Co Pastor of King’s Church, the Vision was birthed in the form of Restore Women’s Conference. As women in the Church grew in their relationship with God and with me, it was a joy to create this ministry to reach out, equip and empower the women of the South West of England together.
Restore is based on my life message of how God has taken me from a place of brokenness to a place of healing and restoration; how one step at a time, He has strengthened me in my faith and redeemed me from the effects of past negative experiences. You see, I longed to be loved, but as is often the case, I looked to others to satisfy this longing that only God Himself can fulfil. Our God is in the restoration business!
Have you ever had an ‘Aha’ moment?
 A moment in time when you sense, this is what I am made for? DSC01054Well, that was Restore Women’s Conference for me. Of course there have been other ‘Aha’ moments too, but maybe none as significant as at Restore, because Restore represents who I am at the core, rather than what I do! It is a convergence of me! We all have a God given Purpose and through the many avenues of ministry & service God has brought me, creating this vehicle to minister to women brought it all together. I have truly found my Security in who I am in Christ, my Significance in identifying my Purpose to minister to others and my Self Worth through the love and acceptance that God has revealed to me through His Son, Jesus. Ministering to women from all walks of life, ages and backgrounds through small groups, conferences and especially one to one has been a highlight of ministry for me. There’s nothing more rewarding than being part of the journey to restoration for God’s people! A whole person is a powerful person who will bring restoration to others, which brings multiplication and advances the Kingdom of God here on the Earth! When we know we have Potential, Live on Purpose we can Experience God’s Power.
I exist to encourage, equip and empower others to grow in freedom and discover their true identity and call.
I am passionate about Loving God and Loving People, so the lost are found and the found are restored!
(Watch the original Vision video of Restore Women’s Conference at the bottom of this page.)

My Vision for Restore
RESTORE is a series of Women’s Conferences specifically designed to encourage, equip and empower women with the Truth of Christ so they can receive healing, grow in freedom and discover their true identity and Call.

To create a safe environment both spiritually and physically where women can find and appreciate who they are and grow in relationship with God and one another.
To facilitate ministry so that broken places in lives can be made whole in the power of the Holy Spirit.
To encourage women to take practical steps of faith towards their God-given potential.
To honour God by honouring the women He has created and sends to us.
To encourage women to develop Christ-Centred relationships that last and draw others to God in so doing.