July Update

July 2016

P1010672 (1)Exciting Opportunities Ahead!… 

As we write this month’s update we are currently travelling in England and Wales, catching up with family and friends. We flew back to the UK on the 12th July for Julie to visit her Consultant on the 13th and for us to celebrate our Daughter Tasha graduating from her 3year Bachelors Degree in Inclusive Education on the 14th.
Julie Perfect 2016_edited-1

The meeting with the consultant was short and sweet, as following a thorough examination he said “Everything is perfect”. There is no trace of the tumour and he wished us well for our future adventures! We were confident of a good report, but it is such a blessing to have medical confirmation of God’s healing touch as we start planning for our future.

DSC_0067 (1)Tasha’s graduation was a proud moment for us. Her passion for working with children who have special needs is inspiring and she has such a gift and patient attitude with the children she assists with on placement and at the special needs unit she has been working with. She has been so intentional about battling through these past 3 years, with University, holding down several part-time jobs and raising her 3 lively children! Well-done Tasha!

We have purposed to keep this month’s newsletter short and to the point as we have some exciting updates to share and would value your prayers as we take a leap of faith into our next assignment.
Dr Jerry WilliamsonIn our final days serving at Go To Nations in Jacksonville, Florida, we had a meeting with the President, Dr. Jerry Williamson. We have really enjoyed listening to him teach during our time in Jacksonville and we have great respect for his wisdom, practical understanding of the most complicated subjects and humble attitude. He is truly a great leader and an authority on World Missions!
The Executive team really appreciated us investing 6 weeks, serving the Leadership Development of their Missionary families. They really didn’t want us to leave! Dr. Jerry felt that we had come to a crossroads in our personal ministry and had a choice either to look for a job with a local church and continue to have a local impact, which he felt we were more than capable of doing, or he felt we now had an opportunity to have a global impact that would affect nations, people groups and the world. He was very affirming of our skills, experience and attitude in serving and he asked us to consider joining the Leadership Team at Go To Nations and use our experience to help GTN make significant strides in bringing hope and restoration to the millions of people Go To Nations Missionaries serve each day around the world. We felt his words, and his offer, resonated with what was already in our hearts and said yes immediately. We will travel back to Jacksonville in August for Missionary Preparation & Orientation training at the GTN World Headquarters, then spend the next few months establishing a team of partners who will journey with us, pray for us, encourage us and support us financially as we launch into this next exciting season of our lives as World Changers!
Please continue to pray for us as we make this significant transition to full-time Missionaries and start to build our monthly support team! 
We will be able to give much more detail of our next assignment after the 2 week training session in August. We will keep you updated with what God is doing in our lives and the impact He is having around the world through Go To Nations Missionaries.